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"Fast & Up gives me that extra energy boost during the games"


Floris Evers, 

Field hockey player for the Netherlands national team

Silver medal winner 2004 & 2012 Summer Olympics

"FAST & UP is an important part of my nutrition during competition. Essential in my regimen for muscle preparation and recovery"


Fabio Santus,

2012 Cross-Country Skiing World Champion

"I do long runs, these are really hard on my muscles.

Basically, what FAST & UP has done for me is help me minimize muscle aches and tears."


Antonio Armuzzi,

Italy vice champion 10,000 meters (running)

"Fast & Up" is the food supplement that's ideal for the vegetarian choice. It offers proteins without any source or animal derived ingredients"

(translated from the Italian)


Dr Ceriani, Head of Italian Vegetarian Association

“The Effervescent aspect is what got me interested. I don’t digest pills and powders very well, they tend to make me hyper and nervous. This works perfect.

Portability is important: I’m always on the go between sports events, so I need to travel light. I keep a FAST & UP tube in my bag, it takes no space, so I can throw a tablet into my water right when I need it.
The greatest benefit I get is with my muscles. I’m getting that extra energy combustion on the moments I need it most, like on a tough rock incline or a long tennis exchange."

Connor, Professional Tennis teacher, Climbing pro (Seattle, WA)

"I give FAST & UP to my patients after I perform an intense Rolf massage on them. Many elderly patients of mine suffer from stiff muscles and cramps, I found that FAST & UP really helps them regain some muscle mobility and they get less cramps. I am very pleased with the results my patients get out of it."


Joan, Rolfing Massage Therapist (Beverly Hills, CA)

"I mix a few FAST & UP into my water during marathons, it helps me going strong during the long stretches and I get much less issues with my muscles afterwards."


Marco Gazzola, Long distance Marathon runner (Italy)

"I use FAST & UP on weekends because I work long shifts at our restaurant. I need to stand up for 4-5 hours sometimes, and I used to always get stiff legs afterwards. FAST & UP has helped my leg muscles feel more mobile."


Aurelie, Graduate student & Waitress (San Francisco, CA)

"I had two hip replacements in the past 5 years. Since I started taking FAST & UP regularly, I have regained tone in my muscles and have been able to walk more comfortably"


Marisa Cornacchia (Milan, Italy)

"I'm not a professional athlete but I play soccer and drums actively. FAST & UP has helped me avoid the leg cramps I used to get, especially after soccer games. I also noticed my muscles are more lean and defined which is great!"


Raphael, amateur soccer/drums

(Los Angeles, CA)

"I use Fast & Up right before workout with my husband and we're extremely pleased. It helps us during the effort and we feel much less fatigue afterwards"


Nina, Nutritionist (Miami, FL)

"FAST & UP: New Technology Amino acid" (translated from Italian)

by Dr. Giovanni Montagna 


In the world of dietetics exist different formulations based on amino acids. FAST & UP differs from all the others for the effervescence technology that allows to make the active ingredients that constitute it, more assimilable. This means that FAST & UP is absorbed almost completely. Dissolved completely in water, it allows administration to all people who have trouble swallowing (the elderly, debilitated persons, etc.) or who do not like swallowing capsules or tablets, and even those who have digestive problems because it does not have to be dissolved or disintegrated by stomach acid (as happens with tablets or capsules), Indeed, it finds itself already dissolved in the liquid in which it is consumed (preferably water).

But Let's dive into the specifics of the product and its usefulness for athletes.
The main components of FAST & UP are the branched chain amino acids, glutamine, creatine and taurine.
 Together, these have a synergistic role in improving the capacity and speed of the athlete prestativa recovery post-workout and/or race. 
The branched chain amino acids (BCAA) (leucine, isoleucine, valine), represent 40% of the daily requirement of essential amino acids by the body and their main characteristic is that, once they are absorbed and enter the bloodstream, not to pass through the liver and they are assimilated directly by the muscles.

Employed before training Fast & Up prevents muscle catabolism, delays the onset and stabilizes the lactic acid, allowing the glucose to run longer for a more intense performance. The pro-energetic action favors the production of alanine which is formed by the new glucose and facilitates the formation of glutamine, which will compete with tryptophan in the brain, reducing the synthesis of serotonin that causes fatigue, drowsiness and loss of attention after intense exercise.
The product goes directly to the muscles which support lean muscle mass, favoring the expansion, and accelerates the recovery processes allowing to anticipate the compensation to the training stimulus and thus improve the subsequent athletic performance. 
Technology effervescence FAST & UP maximizes this phase.


Creatine is an amino acid derivative (acid β-metilguanidinacetico) and its phosphorylated form is involved in the maintenance of cellular energy reserves. In practice the ability to regenerate ATP depends on the reserves of creatine, which among other things prevents the body recourse to the energy system called glycolysis as a waste product that has the lactic acid. 
Improving the replacement of ATP, reduces to minimizing the amount of lactic acid produced and allows to train harder and longer, so it is useful both in the periods of long and of short duration. 
Ultimately from a creatine supplementation can draw the following advantages:

  • rapid availability of energy
  • increased resistance to fatigue
  • strength increase
  • cellular hydration
  • better recovery
  • increase the buffer capacity
  • toning of muscle mass
  • increase in metabolic

Taurine is an amino acid (albeit with different chemical structure from amino acids) that is actively involved in numerous physiological functions related neural activity of the nervous system and 
of the pulse-contraction of the neuro-muscular system in general, acting as regulator of electrical activity of cell membranes by optimizing the nutrients incoming and outgoing waste substances from the cells themselves.
 Another important property of Taurine is its ability to exert a powerful detoxifying substances metabolic waste accumulated during workouts and intense efforts. In sports integration with Taurine has a beneficial effect on cardiac muscle contractility and physical recovery. It was found that taurine has a function similar to that of insulin both in vivo (in living organisms) and in vitro (test tube) and therefore improves the transport, for example, creatine and amino acids within the cell. 
Fifty years ago, some research has been conducted which showed that the taurine produces an effect on carbohydrate metabolism similar to that of insulin
Glutamine is an amino acid that is converted to glutamic acid necessary for the formation of GABA and folic acid .
 Glutamic acid is also an important factor in the metabolic process of energy production, working in conjunction with vitamin B6, niacin (B3) and the magnesium and constitutes a component of the glucose tolerance factor. 
Glutamine per se contributes to the body's nitrogen balance, decreases the craving for sugar and detoxifies the brain matrix ³ NH groups may be present.


During our study, Athletes who took FAST & UP, found it immediately takes effect. When taken before exercise, athletes immediately noticed a higher level of energy, alertness and mental clarity that persisted even during exercise. In the hour and a half of training, the assumption was repeated at intervals to maintain regular always a high energy level and delay the physical and mental fatigue. 


Following training, intake was almost immediately to accelerate the recovery process. This last phase was highlighted the next day where riscontravano minor aches and less fatigue with the ability to conduct training profitable even in those who must carry out daily sessions quite intense.
We also noted a better quality of sleep, probably explained by the effects of taurine and glutamine, but also by a lower overall stress that we know, if high, also tends to disturb the sleep itself as well as the ease in falling.
 A more restful sleep works in most physical and mental recovery.

At this stage, you just have to try this new evolution in the integration of amino acids that is FAST & UP and see for yourself the improvements that can be made ​​not only in terms of physical performance but also wellbeing.

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